We are really happy and grateful receiving so many enquiries regarding the auction. Below you'll find a short description about the technical details of donating your artwork.

1. Submissions and enquiries can be sent in e-mail at gsuveg@gmail.com Please take a moment and jot down the following details: type of artwork (photo, statue, drawing, painting, etc.) the title, dimensions, techniques used and a picture of the piece attached. Also state your name, contact info, website url if applicable. To have these in one place will make our work easier and will ensure that noone is left off of lists etc. Even if you have posted these on Facebook already, please make sure you send in these details.
2. Upon receiving your submission we'll put your data in our lists and refresh  the contributors' post on the blog and also send you a confirmation e-mail. After this you can upload an image of your artwork into our Facebook image gallery. Then you can sit back  and relax while we do our best to publicize the event, negotiate every single detail necessary and get back to you soon. Don't forget to check into Facebook regularly for news! We also encourage you to spread the word: tell your friends about it, blog and tweet about it.

3. Handing over your artwork to us will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis. How and when we fetch your piece depends on your location and whether it is framed. If you can, please submit artworks already framed, if not, message us so that we can solve this issue as soon as possible. There is no need for anything fancy though.
We handle every single item with utmost care and precision. 

Thank you for your cooperation! If you should have any questions left, please contact Gábor at gsuveg@gmail.com

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