But why, how and who?

Good you ask all these questions. And while we are swamped by our never-ending to-do lists, we try and answer them all.

WHY? Because of the severe ecological catastrophe that took place on the 4th October 2010 An industrial dam that holds hundreds of millions of cubic feet of toxic waste has burst open a few days ago in the Western part of Hungary. About 35 million cubic feet (700,000 cubic meters or 185 million gallons) of red sludge poured over the countryside, taking the life of 8 and partially destroying residential areas of neighboring towns Devecser and Kolontár. It is evident that we got to help those who lost everything. (New York Times article)

WHO? And someone decided to take action and instead of donating alone, he was determined to offer something more. This man behind the idea is Gábor Süveg. To learn more about him and the charity, read the interview here. In the meantime he got help from many other kind people who assist in any way they can.

WHAT? The basic idea is that giving to charity is not only a necessity, but a transaction that makes everyone participating a little bit happier. The valuable artworks of a charity auction just add to the happiness of donation and as a keepsake they are here to stay to mark a special moment of kindness. And who doesn't have a bit of empty surface to hang a picture, or to display an illustrated poem or story?

HOW? Gábor tweeted about his idea, his friends and friends' friends retweeted it and put it on Facebook and e-mailed and talked about it. Many artists have already joined our cause and donated from their finest works to be auctioned. We've got some 100 pieces and still counting, since new paintings, graphics, photos are welcome until 15th October 2010 24:00 sharp.

The online auction will run until the first week of  November 2010. The pieces will be on display and upon registration you can begin to browse and bid on them. The money will be collected by a major aid service (we'll keep you updated about this one!) We won't collect money directly. We are not entitled to this at all.

Keep in touch for the details!

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